Certification Standards

Classes of Certified Seed

The purpose of seed certification shall be to maintain and make available to the public high quality seeds and propagating materials of superior crop varieties which are grown and distributed so as to insure genetic identity and purity. The "seeds", as used in these standards, is defined as including all propagating materials.

Where to Send Seed Samples for Analysis

A representative seed sample of each lot of seed shall be sent to the New Mexico Department of Agriculture Seed Lab at the address below:

State Seed Laboratory
Box 30005, Dept 3190
Corner of Gregg & Espina
Las Cruces, NM 88003-8005
Phone: (575) 646-3007
URL: New Mexico Department of Agriculture

Classes of Seed Certification

Classes of Seed

  • Breeder seed is that which is directly controlled by the originating or sponsoring plant breeding institution, firm or individual, and is the source for the production of seed of the certification classes.
  • Foundation seed is that which is increased from the planting of Breeder seed. This classification is eligible for the production of both Registered or Certified seed.
  • Registered seed is that which is increased from the planting of Foundation seed.
  • Certified seed is that which is increased from the planting of either Foundation or Registered seed. The only exception is when no Registered or Foundation seed is available, and with approval of the originator, Certified seed may be increased from Certified seed.

Tag Fees:

$20.00 per lot minimum on all orders.

All tags are $ .60 each.

All field inspections completed without a tag request will be charged a $100/acre fee and assessed a $0.60 per hundred weight on seed processed from the field.

Certification Tags and Labeling of Containers

The official certification tag, which is to be attached to the container, serves as evidence of genetic purity of the seed therein, and shows that it has met the standards necessary to be certified in the state.

All official certification tags for seed certified in New Mexico must be obtained from the NMSU Seed Certification office and be attached to the containers before the certification process can be completed.